Happy New Year Free Vector
in Japanese Style: NAMON

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These NAMON above are all based on the same Kanji character [寿] (Kotobuki).
[寿] is always used in greeting cards for New Year or any other celebration,
for this single character means “Best Wishes” or “Congratulations!” in Japanese.

I create new designs for [寿] every year.
(Yes, we Japanese still send New Year postcards even in this era of technology!)

All graphics in this page only are free for home users.

2018 : The Year of the Dog
[寿] – Dog Footprint

Free Vector Logo for new year 2018 (PNG, EPS free downloads)

2018 is the year of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac.
This footprint resembles flower-shaped lotus root (Hana Renkon), which we Japanese make especially for happy occasions.


Happy New Year free card design template - Dog Footprint

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2017 : The Year of the Bird
[寿] – Flying Bird

Free Vector Logo for new year 2017 (PNG, EPS free downloads)

2017 is the year of the bird in the Chinese Zodiac.
A bird is flying through the character [寿].

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Happy New Year card design template - flying birds

New year postcard with three GDR-Birds.
*GDR (East Germany: The German Democratic Republic)

DDR birds

These brass decor birds (seagulls) are hung on the wall in the 1950s in the GDR. We can find them at flea markets in Berlin. They are always in a set of 3. In my apartment, the biggest one is flying in my work room and then in the bathroom and the balcony.

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2016 : The Year of the Monkey
[寿] – Monkey Tail

2016年賀状・無料ダウンロード・寿紋(太) 2016年賀状・無料ダウンロード・寿紋(細)

2016 is the year of the monkey in the Chinese Zodiac.
Can you see a monkey tail hanging from the character [寿]?

↓ You can download these [寿] typography ↓


monkey mask + enamel plate = monkey crest?!
So I made a new year card with an illustrated monkey crest.

↓ You can also download this monkey card ↓


to those who love simpleness.

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2015 : The Year of the Sheep(未)
寿 – Mizuhiki



2015 is the year of the sheep in the Chinese Zodiac.
Sheep > Wool > Unicursal..
This association brought me this traditional paper cord “Mizuhiki(水引)” design.

2014 : The year of the Horse(午)
寿 – Torii & Hatsu-Hinode

年賀状フリー素材2014_nico 寿紋(にこちゃん)

年賀状フリー素材2014_uma 寿紋(午)

This design has two of the most important motifs of japanese new year.
1. “Torii(鳥居)” is a sacred gateway of Shinto shrine,
which therefore becomes a symbol of “Hatsu-Mōde(初詣)”, the very important first visit to shrine.
2. “Hatsu-Hinode(初日の出)” is the first sunrise of the year, considered to bring good luck.

年賀状フリー素材2014_nico 葉書(にこちゃん)

年賀状フリー素材2014_uma 葉書(午)

2013 : The year of the Snake(巳)
寿 – Mt. Fuji over the sea of cloud

年賀状 巳年 寿
年賀状 巳年 寿

年賀状 巳年 寿

年賀状 巳年 寿

2012 : The year of the Dragon(辰)
寿 – Mt. Fuji with dancing clouds

年賀状 辰年 寿
年賀状 辰年 寿

2011 : The year of the Rabbit(卯)

年賀状 卯年 寿
年賀状 卯年 寿

2010 : The year of the Tiger(寅)

年賀状 寅年 寿
年賀状 寅年 寿

2009 : The year of the Ox(牛)

年賀状 辰年 寿
年賀状 辰年 寿